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Spice up your life!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We’ve heard about how spices help fight inflammation.  In the article (see link below) I’ve attached it talks specifically about seven spices that are all fairly common and can be incorporated on a daily basis.  It can be daunting to determine how to incorporate these spices into your day to day meals, if you aren’t inclined to reach into the spice cabinet if you aren’t actually going to bake or cook with them.  The question I’m often asked, is “How do you incorporate spices into your daily nutrition/diet”?  

Here are a few examples of how I use spices every day:

Cinnamon: I put it in my coffee.  Instead of sweetener I use spices.  I use it year round and it reminds of fall all year!  Other easy adds for toast, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, and any other grab and go type food that you might season.  It also helps regulate blood sugar, so starting the day with some mixed into your coffee or tea is a great idea!

Black Pepper:  It’s easy to season food with black pepper at each meal.  Even breakfast (eggs, even oatmeal).

Ginger:  Adding to oatmeal or cereal, even a protein shake will give whatever you are eating a little kick!

Red Pepper:  This can be used like black pepper, to spice up a meal, as you salt and pepper your food at the table.

Rosemary:  We happen to have rosemary in our kitchen garden.  We add it to potatoes, steep it in olive oil and add it as a flavored oil to any recipe, or to dip bread in.

Cloves:  This is a polarizing spice.  Either you like cloves or you don’t!  Not a lot of in between with this spice.  However, they are great added to hot tea (steeped in a pot of hot tea), of course baking, and soup and stew recipes that call for them.

Tumeric:  This spice is so popular as an anti-inflammatory that you can buy them as a supplement in capsules (same with cinnamon).  Make sure the supplements include curcumin, (see article for details on this)!  Adding this spice to coffee, tea, warm milk, soups and stews, and oatmeal is an easy way to consume it on a regular basis.  

When you add these to your diet on a regular basis, and you cut back on carbs/sugar, you will, likely, feel a reduction in inflammation.  This may be in the form of less joint pain, perhaps you aren’t as stiff when you get up off the couch or out of bed; it could be that your body just ‘feels’ better.  

I’ve shared a truth about spices, and now I dare you to try it!  Let me know how it goes, after a few days of incorporating them and reducing your sugar intake, message me and let me know how you are feeling!

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