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Life Lessons on Aging Well

My passion for preventive care is one I’ve fostered my entire life.  Health Coaching allows me to integrate over 30 years of experience as a results driven marketer, motivating individuals and teams, and working with diverse challenges.  My desire to reinvent myself in the medical field led me to discover the burgeoning field of Health Coaching.  It combines my talents as a gifted public speaker and leader, to motivate individuals to be their best. I am a published author, motivational public speaker for living with vitality and founder of my private health coaching business, The Fountain of Proof. 

The Fountain of Proof is an outcome of my experience with aging (I’m over 50), and searching for answers to my own questions about my wellness journey.  The people I turned to, the answers I wasn’t getting, and the experts that actually did help with one area of my needs but not all, forced me to find the answers on my own. I’ve found some great resources that actually give easy to understand answers, and recommend solutions.  I also believe that understanding information collectively, taking a more holistic look at what one is trying to tackle, is important.  Not just a tidbit of information as the answer.  Isolating the root cause and truly preventing the start, or return, of disease.

While this is my business site, it is also a place to compile and share great information, favorite websites I visit daily, my favorite reads, and of course my point of view on the basics of aging well via blog posts.  You will find posts from me, and others I’ve invited in.  You will see my favorite reads, and my favorite websites, and where I’ve learned how all of this information intersects.  I would love for you to share your favorites with me, as well. I’m happy to add them to my list.

I hope you find this information helpful and at the very least you walk away with simple strategies to make changes to live your life with vitality!  

Certified Integrative Health Coach - Duke Integrative Medicine 


National Board Health Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) Certified

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from working with a Health Coach, please contact me.  

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