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Is health coaching right for you?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Do you need a health coach? 

While the field of health coaching is burgeoning, and many health organizations are starting to offer health coaching services to patients, the question comes up, “What is a health coach”?  

Perhaps you are curious about what the specifics are.  Asking yourself, “Why would I need a health coach”?  The coaching relationship is a partnership between coach and client that supports the client in needed lifestyle behavior changes, that are sustainable.  It could be as simple as wanting to feel better.  It could be as complex as making significant lifestyle changes because you are recovering from a major health event (think heart attack, stroke, cancer).  Or, somewhere in between, like managing the onset of a preventable disease (think pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, etc). 

Health coaching takes the experience of the whole person, and not just one specific area.  If you hire a personal trainer, their role is to help you achieve your exercise goals.  A nutritionist or dietician will help you create meal plans.  However, in both of these examples the focus is myopic.  Both are great to have, but if you need to create lasting change it’s important to look at the whole picture.  Health coaching will help you focus on your most immediate need, and build from there.  For example:  You may have a goal to lose weight, but once you begin working with a health coach you discover that a more immediate need is better sleep. Ultimately, helping with the goal of weight loss.

Additionally, if you go to the Dr. for a yearly physical you likely are told to lose weight (or, at a minimum keep an eye on it), eat better, get better sleep, vitals might be good but on the edge.  It’s good that the Dr. has that discussion with you.  However, they have limited time and cannot possibly spend time coaching on ‘HOW’ to do this.  You may even know how to do this.  The question is, can you stick with it?  Is your plan sustainable?  

A great example is the phenomenon we see in January, each new year.  It’s the most lucrative time for gym memberships (in a pre-COVID world).  People get caught up in the momentum of “THIS IS THE YEAR I’M GOING TO DO IT”!  They are motivated.  Advertising messages, family, friends and colleagues all contribute to this mindset.  Weeks go by, distractions occur, and soon the motivation lapses.  This is where discipline comes in.  Coaching can assist with developing this discipline.  Habits are formed over a three month period.  Typically, within the first 21 days the habit is developed, and then by the three month mark, the habit is part of your lifestyle.  

If you can relate to this example and want to end this cycle once and for all, by creating sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors, then health coaching is right for you. 

Message me now, and let’s schedule a chat to discuss the best option for creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors that will have you living with vitality in no time!

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