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Group Support

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Being part of a team can be motivating, inspiring, and makes you self-aware that sometimes you need someone and sometimes you are simply there for someone when they need you. 

In relation to accountability for healthy lifestyle habits, a group coaching program can help you stay on track.  A small group of people you trust and count on for support can make all the difference in your success rate of making behavior changes. notes three reasons why working out in a group is good for you.  Motivation, accountability and group camaraderie.    

In my own experience working out with a group always ups my game a bit.  I find I lift more weight, push myself a little harder, and find someone younger and in better shape in the class to emulate.  I see them as a pace car, so to speak.  They help me determine how much I will get out of an hour workout!  

With coaching, my groups experience camaraderie and often when they are friends/work colleagues, they spend a lot of time together so they can completely hold each other accountable in between sessions.  When you work with someone (even if you are working from home and still spend time on Zoom calls together), you tend to modify behavior that if you weren’t in a group together you think twice about eating the donut, or skipping the gym class at lunch, or the mid-day walk outside.      

If group support helps you, consider my group coaching program. It's a great way to get a taste of what coaching offers, within a 4 week period of time, along with the support of people you respect! Message me for details!

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