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Giving the gift of health!

While it truly is that time of year, as we see holiday ad’s and black Friday deals already offered by retailers, it’s time to buy Holiday gifts for employees, family and friends. 

I struggle each year that goes by, to consider what makes a great gift.  When I was in the corporate world, I always tried to be thoughtful about what I treated my team to.  As I get older and the those around me do too, it’s harder to come up with ideas as we all seem to have what we need.  

As I ventured into the world of Integrative Health Coaching, I realized that the gift of health, is a perfect gift!  Why not treat someone to something that they may not venture into on their own.  One session of my “Back In The Game” program, a gift of being part of my group program, “Better Together", or my 3-month Revitalize program may be just what the Dr. ordered!  Something that you, or your loved one, might not get for themselves.  

The beauty of gift giving is that you can give all year, for any occasion.  Why not for a birthday, Mother’s Day, any holiday, or simply just because.  Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, the gift of health and the investment in creating sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors is the gift that truly keeps on giving.  

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