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Yoga by the Ocean


My Flagship Health Coaching Program

A 3-month integrative health coaching program for mature women who are ready to get the expert guidance and accountability they need to achieve sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors.

This program is for you ...

If you struggle 

-  with the discipline to make sustainable healthy habits a part of your lifestyle

-  to lose weight and/or keep it off

-   having a health concern or recent diagnosis and you need to make changes to prevent or reverse a preventable disease.

I’ve spent a large part of my life intrigued by health, wellness, preventive efforts.  At times using myself as the research project for weight loss, living with vitality and preventing disease.  I believe my personal achievement is in preventing weight gain and disease, and my own discipline to stay active and in shape.  Along with my formal training, I'm passionate about helping others live with vitality.

Because I understand, I can help you.

Yoga at Home


Coaching Package includes 12 weekly 1/hr sessions, Personal Health Plan, unlimited text and email as needed.  Sessions address mindset, motivation and discipline, wins, barriers you are facing, guidance with  nutrition, sleep and exercise. So that you walk away with a clear path to creating sustainable changes that are achievable.

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Behavior change is absolutely possible.  Evidence based research shows us that consistent behavior for three months becomes a habit.  Coaching provides a structure for consistent behavior, and accountability.  At the end of 12 weeks, you will see results, as the the behaviors you create become habits.  

Book a discovery call to see if this program is right for you.


Invest in this program now to create sustainable lifestyle behaviors today, so you can participate fully in life and find yourself living with vitality!  I invite you to book a complimentary discussion with me today, and see if my Revitalization program is right for you.  

Have a questions?  Email me at, or through my contact page.  

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