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A Group Health Coaching program

A 4 week program designed for you and 3 family/friends/neighbors, or a curated group, to come together for weekly group coaching sessions, getting a quick start to making sustainable lifestyle changes. Coaching will lead the group in discussion and areas of opportunity of focus, lead accountability with all involved, and provide tools to remain accountable to yourself going forward.

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This program is for you ...

If you are interested in starting the process to make healthy choices and like the encouragement and accountability a group offers, and sharing the investment of a program.  Areas of focus will include movement on a consistent basis, making healthier choices with nutrition and working on stress management.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of structure to give us the inspiration and motivation to begin again.  


Coaching and the encouragement from the group provides accountability, giving you structure for consistent behavior, that goes beyond this 4 week program. 

4 weekly 1 hour sessions with the group via video call

Personal Health Plan - to assist with establishing your individual focus 

Once the behaviors you create become habits, you will see the results.

Group of Female Friends
Enjoying Sunset


While evidence based research shows us that consistent behavior for three months becomes a habit, studies also show that we model the behaviors of those around us and are motivated by working in groups.  Creating healthy behavior habits such as awareness of nutrition, incorporating more movement into your days.  Resulting in feeling better, weight loss, and living with more vitality.

Have a questions?  Email me at, or through my contact page.  

Book a discovery call to see if this program is right for you.

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