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One Time Session
3 Sessions

When you've had a lapse in your healthy efforts to live with vitality, this 60 minute inspirational session is dedicated to address your motivational challenge.  You will walk away with a clear plan of action to re-engage a disciplined approach in your journey to live with vitality.   

For when you feel you might need more than one session ...
This package of 3 sessions will provide you with structure to promote discipline as you begin your plan of action to continue your journey in living with vitality.

Yoga by the Ocean
Colorful Food
Pilates Work Out
Boot Camp
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Colored Eggs
Yoga at Home
Ocean Rocks
Rock Maze
Pool Yoga Class


One Time Session

If you need the occasional push to get going again. If you’ve had a setback due to life occurrence, or the recent pandemic, you can relate.  Perhaps you already know what you need to do, what works for you, and how, but you lack the accountability and discipline to get back to the basics of making the healthy choices that make you feel your best. 

3 Session Package

When you feel you need more than one session for consistent accountability over a short period of time to reach a smaller goal like losing the last 10 lbs. Or getting back into a consistent routine with exercise and/or nutrition.


One Time Session

Coaching will help clearly identify the barriers holding you back from starting your plan again, so that you get back on track with the healthy lifestyle behaviors that have allowed you to live with vitality.

3 Session Package

3 sessions of Coaching will not only clearly identify the barriers holding you back from getting back in the game with healthy lifestyle habits, but it will keep you accountable while you re-establish the health lifestyle behaviors that have allowed you to live with vitality.  

Yoga Mats


One Time Session

Talking through the barriers you are experiencing, and crafting a plan to get you back on track, you will be inspired to begin again.  Walk away from this session with a clear action plan of the steps you need to take to reach your most important health goal.  

3 Session Package

The outcomes of the one time session, with additional sessions to help you maintain accountability as you begin your action plan and start making behavior changes and are self motivated long term to achieve your goals. 

Life happens, jobs can be demanding, a global pandemic hits and our usual routine, with a group or a gym setting, is interrupted.  We aren't quite sure how to get started in a new way.  I've found that talking to someone to help uncover the barriers, was all I needed to get myself going in the right direction.  

Have a questions?  Email me at, or through my contact page.

Book your session and get Back In The Game!  

Warm Up on the Beach
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