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As an Integrative Health Coach I partner with my clients to create healthy habits and help them live with vitality.  I’m their champion to manage or prevent disease, lose weight, or simply to feel better.  


With so much information available, most of it conflicting, it’s difficult to sort out what to believe.  Failed attempts at diet and exercise, can leave us feeling completely defeated. Most of us don’t have a strong interest in learning the finer points of what it really takes to lose weight, live healthier, and yet, still have a balance to our lives.   Often changing simple things in our daily routine and habits can make a big difference.  I can help you discover what that might be for you.

Behavior change is hard.  I can help.


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Let me introduce myself!

I’m Jill Johnson, an Integrative Health Coach with a passion for living well … lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and wine!  Also, I love feeling my best in mind, body, and soul.  I have always been fascinated by the human body and believe we are truly what we eat, breathe, sleep, and think.

As an Integrative Health Coach I partner with my clients to create healthy habits and help them live with vitality.  I’m their champion to manage or prevent disease, lose weight, or simply to feel better.  When appropriate I work with their practitioners, offering an integrated approach with their road to recovery from a diagnosis or procedure.  Ultimately, allowing them to achieve success in reaching sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors so they can participate more fully in life.  

Book a discovery call to see if Health Coaching is right for you.  


If you are interested in learning more about living with vitality, but want a short version of the basics, this book will give you the information you need, with resources noted should you want to dive deeper.

"The Quick Start Guide to Weight Loss


Living with Vitality

How Making Small Changes In Your Lifestyle Can Yield Big Results"

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What my clients are saying

Revitalize Coaching Client

Several months ago, after my doctors had recommended I lose weight and exercise more (once again), a friend recommended I try a Wellness Coach.   I seemed to be in a perpetual  state of  fatigue, the idea of exercising more that the little I was already doing seemed impossible.  I also had tried every new diet that came down the pike, only to gain back the weight I had lost as soon as I discontinued the diet.  It seemed defeating, so I thought, “What have I got to lose?”  And then I was introduced to Jill Johnson and she became my health coach.  

It turned out I did have something to lose, plenty to lose...... sedentary life style, constant fatigue, poor nutrition, weight, stress, and the belief that diets just don’t work for me!  It is no exaggeration to say this decision changed my life.  Jill has developed a system of coaching, working with each client to develop a specific plan of action tailored to the individual.  Notice I said “with”.  Together, we figured out what worked for me,  what I was comfortable with, what hasn’t worked, and more importantly, why.  Her vast knowledge of nutrition, understanding of how the human body works, and ability to turn bad habits into healthy practices is impressive.  It is based on the idea that small changes can manifest big results.  And the concept that mind, body and spirit all work together in a beautiful complex integrated process. And I am living proof that it works.  

I noticed changes the very first week and it just kept getting better.  I now eat clean nutritional foods, we found an exercise plan I look forward to (something I never thought I would EVER say!) and I have more energy than I’ve had in 10 or more years, simply making small changes.  Bonus.....I’m losing weight consistently,  sleeping better and enjoying life with new vigor and sense well being.  

Jill’s book, The Quick Start Guide to Weight Loss and Living with Vitality, is excellent and a great resource. It explains the how and why of healthy living and I find myself referring back to it over and over.  I know I will continue living this healthy energizing lifestyle.  Working with Jill is by far one of the best life changing choices I have ever made!

Sandy - Florida

Private Coaching Client

I was referred to Jill by a friend.

I had just retired and thought it might be helpful to converse with someone that didn't know me or have preconceived notions of what I should do, or how I should feel.  I wasn't even feeling bad, it was just unfamiliar territory.

I found Jill to be a really good listener, and she asks great questions in a comfortable way.  She provides information and makes suggestions.

There is a level of accountability that I think is required in attaining balance. The weekly checkups kept me mindful during the week.

My progress was always up to me. There was never judgments or "shoulds". 

It's popular to think, "I can just do this on my own".  However, if you're stuck or just feeling blah, Jill is great at bringing out your real concerns that we sometimes hide from ourselves and helps moves you forward at your comfort level.

Julie T-Illinois

Private Coaching Client

I just want to say I just finished a 6 week session with Jill. I can't say enough what a difference it has made. She was just the "kick in the pants" I needed. If you're looking for someone who listens & gives you the encouragement you need Jill's the one!
Kathy - Florida

Ocean Rocks


Thanks for your interest in The Fountain of Proof.  For more information, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you soon!

Tampa, FL

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